Platform Functionality

User Registration

All users should be registered on the platform to take actions within the system. You can register by e-mail or via social networks specified during registration.

Token Wallet

All users of the platform have their own unique wallet, which is generated automatically. A user can request a change of his/her wallet ID, which may be required if a user lost an access to his/her wallet. The password for a newly created wallet is the same as a user’s password on the platform, but it can be changed at a user’s request.

Roles: a Customer, an Avatara Person and a Translator

To get any role in Avatara’s services, a general registration on the portal is required. After registration, you can choose the role inside the personal account on the portal you need.

User Privacy

A user’s data is divided into public and private. A user fills in his/her public data by himself/herself, and by this action, he/she gives permission to use them. The registration data and all financial data is the private data. The private data is only accessible for senior moderators and is not accessible for simple moderators.

Communication of Users

The Order has two stages: before starting the Order work and after starting the Order work. Prior to starting the Order work, approvals should be made in the Avatara’s chat service, and during the work, the communication should be carried our in the selected chat, such as Skype or another product.

Secure Transaction

All transactions between a Customer, an Avatara person and a Translator are carried out in safe mode. First of all, a Customer’s tokens come to the average account of the system, and an Avatara person and a Translator see this. And then, after confirming the transaction by the Customer and the Executors, tokens go to the Executors. If the Customer within an hour after the work completion does not confirm the fact of the completion and does not disprove it, the system automatically pays the funds out to the Executors. If the Customer indicates that he/she wants to return the funds before the hour expiry, and the Order is not executed, and this was confirmed by the Executors, the funds shall be returned to the Customer. In case of a conflict of interest, the matter shall be transferred to the Service Arbitrage. Executors are advised to make records of their work with special software products.

Receipt of Funds by Executors and Their Implementation

After completing the work, the Executors (an Avatara person and/or a Translator) receive AvataraCoins to their accounts, less % of the system, and then they can sell them on the crypto exchange trading AvataraCoins.

Support for People with Disabilities

Any user registered on the platform can support the account of such person with tokens by transferring AvataraCoins to him/her account.

User Security

An access to wallets is only available to their owners. Passwords to accounts are not stored on the site – hashing is used for fast entering. Users can both store passwords for their wallets on the platform, and delete them for security reasons. In this case, a user should enter a password from his/her wallet, which is not stored on the Avatara platform in each transfer of funds. Only senior moderators and top developers of the platform have an access to users’ registration data. Moderators do not have an access to users’ wallets and their IDs. No one has an access to users’ passwords.

Funds Security

The platform employees do not have an access to users’ wallets.


All translations made by users are recorded in the system and encrypted. Users’ wallets are also encrypted on the platform, and any their association with player profiles is canceled out as much as possible. Any connection of wallets with the platform users is unavailable to anyone except the Avatara platform developers. This is necessary to resolve disputes or respond to user’s questions in case they arise. All personal data of users, including passwords, emails and all IDs of wallets, are encrypted. This protects Avatara users in cases of hacking or information leak. Even under the worst scenario, users’ data, passwords and wallets will remain safe, and no access or money transfers can be made from them.

Smart Contracts

Avatara’s tokens are created on the basis of ERC-20. Currently, we are working on the technical description and specification of Smart contracts. Information about them will be added later. We plan to transfer to the Graphene technology in connection with the increase of the transaction price on the Ethereum platform in the future.

Prohibited Topics and Campaigns

All actions that carry reputational risks or may harm the health or reputation of other people should be prohibited on the platform. Such topics, as distribution of drugs, weapons, pharmaceutical products or any illegal products should be prohibited for requests to Avatara and Translators. Since the platform does not set an age rating, pornographic requests should be also prohibited. In case of violation of these requirements or any other violation of any country legislation, the participants of this action (“the Customer – the Avatara person – the Translator”) and other participants of the action should bear all responsibility. The Avatara Company, its employees and its Services should not be involved in this action. No claims should be able to be brought to Avatara against any violations of the law made by the participants of the action (“the Customer – the Avatara person – the Translator – and other participants of the action”).