We offer an interesting token to buy. The token can be of both strategic and short-term interest for buyers.

The token is not a share, according to the Howey test. The token is created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain.

Pre-ICO from May 21 (15:00 GMT+03:00) to July 15 (23:59 GMT+03:00).

What is Avatara services and products?
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The Avatara services and tokens are in demand in 251 countries of the world.
ETH Raised: 2,6 May 21 - July 15
AvataraCoin (VTR)
1 VTR = 0,00001 ETH
Class Utility tokens
Symbol VTR (aVaTaRa)
Distribution of tokens Learn more>
Ethereum ERC20 Token
Exchange 1 VTR = 0,00001 ETH
The exchange is planned after ICO Poloniex
Currency ETH
Maximum Emission 7 320 000 000 VTR (to service 251 countries)
Hard Cap 30 000 ETH
Max Transaction Amount 3000 ETH (300 000 000 tokens)
Buy tokens: Bonuses:
≥ 0,01 ETH +0% bonus tokens
≥ 0,1 ETH +5% bonus tokens
≥ 0,3 ETH +20% bonus tokens
≥ 0,5 ETH +30% bonus tokens
≥ 1 ETH +42% bonus tokens
≥ 1,5 ETH +45% bonus tokens
≥ 3 ETH +51% bonus tokens
≥ 6 ETH +60% bonus tokens
≥ 15 ETH +70% bonus tokens
≥ 30 ETH +75% bonus tokens

The maximum amount of tokens sold to investors is not more than 60% (Pre Sale, Pre ICO, ICO). Unrealized tokens will be burned.

The maximum amount of tokens for the fund of participants in the Bounty Affiliate Program, maintenance and development of the system in 251 countries of the world is not more than 19% (Pre Sale, Pre ICO, ICO, after ICO).

The maximum amount of tokens for the fund of the founders, partners in other countries and service developers is no more than 21% (after ICO). These tokens will be frozen for a year.

The demand for AvataraCoin will be great, as no one can use Avatara’s services without AvataraCoin. AvataraCoin serves the system operation, and all prices for services of Avatara persons and Translators in the system are indicated in AvataraCoins. The customer buys them to receive the service.

This token is not a share, according to the Howey test (see Legal Section). However, we prohibit the USA citizens to buy tokens to avoid any incidents.

Funds Distribution Plan
Development and team, Research, operational spends, employees, office, etc
The IT product includes distributed hosting, a site, blockchain and a mobile application (with approval of the order by chat) in all languages of the world. Gadgets made with the participation of Avatara company are simple video glasses, stereo video glasses. Search for existing and new technologies for improving the quality of video and audio transmission over public networks. Creation of a global news channel A*NEWS. All products will be created in all major languages of the world. This includes global product support. Payment for the work of employees and partners around the world.
Place, global marketing and affiliate network
Creation of a network of representative offices, partners and arrangement of promoting Avatara’s technology in 251 countries of the world. Representative offices will be created only in the largest megalopolises of the world; and Partners will be in other important cities. This network is necessary to sell gadgets, promote using technology and arrange global support.
Owners and developers bonus
Bonuses of regional partners and owners.
Payment for pr & marketing services done for ICO
Payment for pr & marketing services for ICO.
Avatara community
The development of the Avatara persons’ community around the world as a new profession. Formation of values, work rules and regulatory documents.
Legal complience
The company should solve a lot of legal issues in different countries of the world related to business.
Road map
The idea of ​​Avatara appeared in 2011 and was published in the media. But the mobile Internet was very bad at that time and the start of the project was postponed. Today, the mobile Internet gives high quality video and we open the Avatara project to the whole world. Avatara in 2011 media >>>
Start of the pre-Sale
Team recruitment for the platform and mobile application development. Recruitment of the technical department team to prepare instructions for working with various types of gadgets.
05 - 06/2018
Start of the pre-ICO and the ICO and promote them in the world. The team’s work to create a platform and enter the market. Creation of a global network of partners.
06 - 07/2018
Launching the first version of the portal and mobile application in 12 languages. Studying the production of simple and stereo video glasses under the Avatara brand. Expanding global network of partners.
07 - 10/2018
Gadgets production and building the distribution network in collaboration with the partners.
11/2018 - 03/2019
Promotion and sales of services and gadgets in countries with these languages.
11/2018 - 05/2019
Activation of other languages. Expansion to countries with these languages.
Creating new gadgets for Avatara.
07 - 12/2019
Continuation of expansion into language markets. Research for future technologies development.
Research and production of technology of direct data transmission "consciousness - consciousness".
Promotion and sale of technology "consciousness - consciousness".
Avatara will open its main services just in 1.5-2 months
The full operation of Avatara’s services will begin within 1.5-2 months after completing the Pre ICO. Avatara’s site will start working in the first 12 languages, and new languages will be added every week. Our site will have more than 50 languages. Thanks to raising funds for the ICO, we will conduct an advertising campaign in each of 251 countries of the world simalteniously with creating new language versions of the site.
Our Team
Sergey Isakov
Dear friends!
I’m a founder of the Avatara project and I have a great experience in the development of innovative projects. To implement the Avatara project, I’ve gathered a team that is going to make the world more accessible to everyone.
Such a project cannot be implemented without innovative technologies, so we need funding to develop and promote the project in 251 countries.
I’m inviting you to cooperate with us. Let’s make the world more accessible!
Nikolay Ignatenko
He several times visited the US President Jimmy Carter and was his guest by invitation; he visited the US President Bill Clinton, the financier George Soros and other famous people.
He is a winner of international competitions of cinema, television and TV journalism. Trained and worked at TV companies, such as CNN, BBC and other well-known companies. He taught at universities of the USA, Great Britain and Sweden. He has chemical, pedagogical, geological, media and television education.
He likes climbing mountains and reaching peaks of the world.
Evgeniy Svirskiy
Co-founder of Avatara. He has a great experience in creating cloud software platforms.
Delev Oleg
He lived and worked in the USA for a long time. Has a higher American and Russian education and a MBA degree.
Elgar Aliev
Strategic department
Experience in strategy business development, business transformation, concept development, product development and project execution. Brand management and online marketing.
Chernov Sergey
Develops gadgets for Avatara services and work with manufacturers to produce them. Has a great experience in IT technologies and technical fields.
Tseitlin Aleksandr
Co-founder of Avatara. Has an experience of over 15 years in the IT systems administration and support, and customer support as well.
George Railean
Designer AVATARA
Senior UI/UX Designer at Mozilla. Washington D.C.
Shmaylov Aleksandr
Has a working experience in Daimler - BenzDeutschland / Mercedes-Benz Avtomobili Russia, Trocal, TUEVEC, Volvo Truck Corporation Russia, Sawatzky, ...
Novikov Aleksandr
Full Stack Developer with an experience of over 8 years.
Chernova Tatyana
Department for Work with China
Has a working experience in international companies of various business activities of over 10 years. She worked in China for more than four years.
Bogachova Tatyana
Has more than 7 years experience in supporting customers in various business sectors.
Arthur Isakov
Linguistic university student.
Arthur Pinchuk
IT Solution Architecture, 15 years of IT expertise, hundreds of successfully completed web and mobile projects, blockchain and cryptoeconomics specialist.
Philipp Rowe
Has a great international experience in financial, accounting and taxation matters. CEO of Rufil Consulting GmbH.
Michael Mozzhechkov
He has been living and working in Japan for more than 23 years.
Thomas Piehlig
He works in RehauAG & CoHof, Bavaria, Germany.
Peter Chernomorets
TV channels relations consultant
General director of popular TV channel "8 Kanal" PLC.
Vladislav Zaplitny
Director of the TV company "Art-Video" and radio "Country FM". Has many sports awards.
Larysa Hlavatskikh
Director of the media company «BANT-style».
Ivan Belodubenko
Director of the TV company «Gesture».
Peter Stankevich
Director of the TV company «BelBusinessChannel».
Pavel Zhuk
Co-owner of several TV companies and newspapers. Consultant of radio stations. Has connections all over the world.
Sergey Kovgan
The general director of the company "Ether".
Alexander Dolgiy
The founder of the company "Techno prospectus".
Alexander Astapov
Director of the TV company "Mogilev 2 channel".
Pavel Anisimov
Director of the company «Infiniti Techno».
Valentin Vasilevsky
Director of the television company «Kobrin TV».
Zlata Karpievich
The producer of the TV company TKD-7.
Valery Molostov
Author of 30 scientific books.
We are looking for experts and representatives in every country and every large city in the world.
Our contacts
About the project
What is ICO?
ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a kind of crowdfunding allowing the project to attract investments through sale of tokens, which entitle the holders to receive profit.
When will the ICO start?
First of all, the Pre-Sale, then the Pre-ICO, and then the ICO are held. The Pre-Sale provides the highest bonuses. The ICO will give an opportunity to invest small amounts of funds. Subscribe to news to know the dates of conducting the Pre-ICO and the ICO.
Will you hold another ICO later?
No, the ICO will be carried out only once.
I am under 18, can I participate?
No, only individuals over 18 years old can participate in the ICO.
How can I participate in Avatara’s ICO?
Please, open an investor’s account which is required to purchase and manage tokens.
Which citizens (nationals) can participate in your ICO?
Individuals and legal entities of any country can participate in our ICO taking into consideration local legislation. You buy tokens by taking advantage of the legal environment of the country of your location. We recommend you to get acquainted with it. Avatara tokens are not a currency, a crypto currency, a security or a means of payment. You can get detailed information about this in our White Paper. The only thing is that we prohibit the participation in the ICO for American citizens in order to avoid legal incidents. Read more in our White paper.
How can I pay for the tokens?
Avatara accepts ETH. To purchase tokens using ETH, you should initiate the purchase of tokens in Avatara’s wallet, where you will be given all detailed instructions.
Who pays a commission when buying tokens?
All commissions for the purchase of the tokens should be paid by a buyer.
What is a Smart Contract?
Smart Contracts help you exchange money, property, shares or anything valuable in a transparent and conflict-free way while avoiding an intermediary’s services.
Smart Contracts define the terms and obligations that are contained in any traditional agreement, and automatically enforce executing those obligations as well.
Where can I get a Smart Contract code?
To get information about a Smart Contract, please, contact us at
What is Avatara token?
AvataraCoin is a token that caters to all Avatara services during their work.
How much does one token cost?
1 AvataraCoin = 0,00001 ETH
How many tokens will be released in tota?
The maximum emission of 7 320 000 000 VTR to serve 251 countries of the world.
What will you do with the unsold tokens?
Unrealized tokens will be burned.
What is the minimum amount of tokens that can be purchased?
With each next event (the Pre-Sale, the Pre-ICO and the ICO), the minimum purchase amount becomes smaller. The minimum purchase amount is indicated in the block of purchase of the token.
Do you sell tokens to corporate customers?
Yes, we have no restriction for sale of tokens to corporate customers and institutional investors.
How can I earn money from tokens?
According to the law, we cannot guarantee you any profit. As a rule, investors earn their profit on the difference between buying and selling tokens.
Why is it advantageous to buy Avatara’s tokens during the ICO?
During the ICO, tokens are sold at a discounted price. It is expected that when they appear on the crypto currency stock exchange, their price will grow significantly.
Where can I trade my tokens after the ICO?
After completing the ICO, all tokens will be available on the crypto currency stock exchange. Their list will be announced later, towards the completion of the ICO.
Who can see my personal and payment details?
This information is available to a small circle of Avatara’s employees only. All employees are bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements and act according to strict security procedures.
How can I be sure that my data is protected?
Avatara uses a wide range of security tools to protect users’ data. The Company received an SSL certificate that provides a secure connection between the website and the end user. All information is stored in an encrypted form and is available for a very small circle of employees who signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Avatara’s Bounty Bonus Program

For all willing participants and supporters of Avatara company, a global PR promotion program is open to promote Avatara’s ICO in the world. We are glad to everyone who will join the program and will participate in the development of the project promoting the Avatara project. The earlier you join the Bounty Program, the more bonuses you will receive after completing it.

You receive bonuses by performing tasks by the following categories: Bitcoin talk signature campaign, maintaining discussions in the official thread on BTT, Twitter and Facebook forums, creating videos and writing articles. If you come up with a new PR idea that will be interesting to media, you will receive special prize bonuses. Please write to our support service if you have any questions. The Bounty program.

Legal Aspects

We conducted legal due diligence to ensure that the AvataraCoin Digital Tokens meet the legal requirements of the Initial Coin Offering at the ICO stage. According to our lawyers and after performing the Howey test, we can state that these tokens are not securities and do not need registration.

The Avatara project focuses on the legislative regulation of ICOs, digital tokens and transactions with crypto currency to provide users and buyers with safe and reliable solutions.

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Smart Contract
Company’s news and duration of the Pre-ICO and the ICO